The Founder

Leif Høegh (1896-1974)

Educated a political economist at the age of 20, Leif Høegh came to be employed in shipping. After shipping practice both in the USA and Norway, he started his own company in 1927, at the age of 31, and emerged as an entrepreneur in oil transportation. He earned his fortune from tankers on long-term charter-parties and turned to liner shipping in order to spread his financial exposure.

In addition to leading his company into a prominent position, Leif Høegh also took an active part in international

Leif Höegh

shipping politics after the Second World War. His main interest was primarily aimed at macro- economics and politics, as well as international trade and finance, which were interpreted into his own company strategy. His personal interest in literature and theatre also led him into the board of the National Theatre in Oslo, a position he served for many

years.Leif Höegh was characterized by entrepreneurial determination and a tremendous working capacity, coupled with an ability to delegate authority. He lived to see the transformation of his company from an entrepreneurial enterprise into an organization headed by a professional management team under the leadership of his sons. By his death in 1974, Leif Höegh & Co ranked as one of the largest privately owned shipping companies in Europe.