Höegh Fleet Services AS

Höegh Fleet Services AS is responsible for the ship management of vessels owned/managed by LHC. Ship management is an integrated part of the total product delivered to the customers through Höegh Autoliners and Höegh LNG. The company aims to provide cost efficient, environmentally sound and high quality services with a long term perspective, high technical skills, safety awareness and continuous learning. Höegh Fleet Services' activities are based on a set of core values: being committed, competent, cooperative, honest and straightforward

Höegh Fleet Services is incorporated in Norway, employs around 130 persons ashore, about 1 000 seafarers and has operations in Norway, Philippines and China. In addition to technical management and crewing, the company is responsible for safety and quality, purchasing and newbuilding projects.

International and National legislation and guidelines for the protection of the environment form the basis of the environmental policy. Höegh Fleet Services is taking active measures seeking new technology and methods to reach further than the requirements. Environmental objectives and target are planned annually. Potential risks, incidents and near incidents are systematically evaluated.


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