Welcome to Höegh

Building on a history of over 90 years of shipowning and operation, activities in which the Høegh family holds interests, has grown into other segments including real estate and financial advisory services.

Carrying on an entrepreneurial spirit

It started with the entrepreneurial spirit of Leif Høegh (1896-1974) who ordered his first ship in 1927 and developed an enterprise with a leading position in the global maritime transportation sector. The legacy of leadership has been passed on through generations rooted in timeless family values and with a vision of the limitless potential in carrying on the entrepreneurial spirit. History is defined by achievements, and stands as an inspiration to future generations as they forge their own paths in the years to come.

Building on shipping traditions

Through decades, shipping expertise has been accumulated through ownership and operation in many different shipping segments. Building on a vast base of know-how and experience, shipping interests are now focused in two segments, the transportation of Roll-On Roll-Off (Ro/Ro) cargoes and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

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Investment management and portfolio oversight

Höegh Capital Partners (HCP) is the investment advisor to the Høegh family’s industrial holding and investment company. HCP provides investment strategy services, financial portfolio management, corporate finance advisory and shareholder representation in support of the Høegh family’s active ownership philosophy.

For more information about Höegh Capital Partners, please visit their website: Hoegh Capital Partners

Real estate

Höegh Eiendom is a family owned real estate company. The company has a long-term investment strategy and focuses on development and management of centrally located properties in Norway.

For more information about Höegh Eiendom, please visit their website: Hoegh Eiendom

Arts Alliance Advisors

Arts Alliance is a venture capital organisation supporting a growing network of entrepreneurs. The organisation has a "hands on approach" to investment and provide both creative talent and strategic advice to Portfolio Companies in the technology and services, and communications sectors.

For more information about Arts Alliance, please visit their website: Arts Alliance